How to order photos - A guide - turn4photos

*FYI: I use and pay an annual fee for the service called Smugmug to host this website and process orders. All photo orders are approved by me, Rebecca, before being shipped out.

How to purchase a photo-

Photos can be purchased in prints, merchandise or digital download format all in one easy checkout process online on this website.

From the home screen click the "browse photos" tab.

Scroll down to the category you are interested in (year of event, type of sport, etc.)

Click on the category to open the folder where all the photo galleries are located.

Click on the photo gallery that you are interested in viewing.

Scroll down the grid of photos to view the entire gallery. The photos are in thumbnail size. Clicking on one photo will open it to view in a large size. Swiping left or right when a single photo is open in the viewer will allow you to view the next or previous photo in the gallery until you reach the end. Click on the photo that you are interested in purchasing.

Click on the green color "buy" button in the lower right hand corner of the photo viewer.

After clicking "buy" the product photo catalog will open in another window.

Select the option that you are interested in from the product catalog. (IE prints, digital, phone case, etc.)

Depending on the size of the product some cropping of the photo may occur. Please pay attention to the crop box highlights as this will make changes to how the photo looks on the final product.

After choosing a product, choosing a finish, and approving the crop ratio then the product will be added to your virtual shopping cart.

All information is entered on a secure site. I do not see any customers payment info, credit card info, personal info, etc.

All prints and merchandise are processed by a professional print lab (not me) and shipped directly from the photo lab to whatever address is entered at check out by you the customer.

These are professionally printed products, they do not come from a drugstore or franchise photo department. Shipping for these products is not something that I can set a rate for as it is all determined by the USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

Digital download purchases must have a valid email entered as that is how the customer is able to access the downloads after checkout is complete.

Please email me at or call/text me at 315-771-6595 with any questions.

Thank you, Rebecca @ Turn4photos